A Perfect New Year’s Day

In Los Angeles, we aren’t known for our New Year’s Eve celebrations. I imagine that since we are one of the last people in the entire world to welcome the new year, we have to watch the replay of the ball dropping in New York from 3 hours before.

What we do have to offer the world as we wake up in the new year is the remarkable and beautiful Rose Bowl Parade. Not only are the bands and floats fun to watch, but the gorgeous Southern California landscape and weather make this a perfect way to start a new year. It’s also a great way to spend time with my wife and kids before all the football games begin!


So far the PAC 10 has been letting me down during this bowl season challenge. I feel we don’t get the respect we deserve on the West Coast. Seems like everyone believes the SEC is the strongest conference in college football, and so far SEC teams haven’t lost. My big hope now is for a Hawaii upset over Georgia. Could it be like the Boise State v. Oklahoma game last year?

Another fun activity for the day: choosing among the best sports highlights of all time. I just wish the website included the actual highlights to watch!

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  • jay hardwick


    i guess the smog keeps you left coasters from seeing that CLEARLY the best college football is right here in the dirty south! 🙂

    10 SEC teams bowl eligible…should only have one bowl loss (florida)…and bring home the national championship when lsu beats ohio state…the PAC 10 needs a little more than SC and the ducks to top that!

  • Shaula

    The Rose Bowl Parade is a favorite family tradition of ours too. Only we get to sleep in late then watch. 🙂
    Happy New Year’s!

  • Brandon Donaldson

    congrats to the USC fans. Unfortunately Hawaii had no luck and neither did my Sooners. Two years and Oklahoma has not enjoyed the Fiesta Bowl.

    I guess we will hope to see USC next year in the Championship. We can all agree on that one up to that point :).

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