Championship Jinx?

I have yet to experience a championship parade in my lifetime. Will 2008 be my year to experience a championship?

Throughout my life, the teams for which I have cheered never performed well while I lived there, but miraculously they seem to win championships after I leave town. Am I jinxed?

Just last month, my alma mater, Trinity High School, won the Texas state football championship. This second championship since I graduated came after my team failed to even make the playoffs while I was there. The year after I graduated, Trinity actually made it all the way to the championship game! Perhaps we failed while I was there because Tommy Maddox (future UCLA Bruin, XFL champion, and Pittsburg Steelers quarterback) was the leading our rival past us each year, or perhaps it was because I was there.

After cheering for the Dallas Cowboys while living in the Dallas area from 6th grade through 12th grade, they won 3 championships within 5 years of my move away from Dallas.

After moving from Seattle, the moribund Seahawks went to the Super Bowl after decades of missing the playoffs. We got ripped off by the refs in that game, by the way.


When I moved to Los Angeles, I made a really bad decision. I chose the Clippers as my team over the Lakers. I couldn’t root for the Lakers after all the times they had broken my heart as a former Mavericks and Sonics fan! Can you guess what happened next? The Lakers won 3 championships in a row while the Clippers continue to amaze me with how bad they get.

Will this be my year to experience a championship?


Could the Dodgers pull it off? Since there aren’t any NFL teams in L.A., I still pull for the Seahawks. Perhaps if they win the whole thing (they sure looked great yesterday – with the exception of the first 3 minutes of the 4th quarter), I should fly up for the parade.

Maybe I should switch to the Lakers this year. With my luck the Clippers would probably win the NBA title. 🙂


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  • D-PLUM

    Man, all I’m saying is that I’m hoping for a Cowboys-Seahawks rematch… yay-uh!

    GO ROMO!! 😉

  • Brandon Donaldson

    Not to rub it in or anything, but the one year my wife and I moved to Denver, CO…you guessed it John Elway and the Broncos had a superbowl win. I got to tell you (since you have not experienced it yet) a city right after a superbowl win was nuts. I have never seen people come together and high five strangers and act crazier than I did that day. We actually went to the stadium when the Broncos got back to see the new Super Bowl Champs. Pretty cool.

    But when we moved from Oklahoma to LA, we got there just in time to see the sooners get slaughtered by USC. I guess we all have our dark days. lol

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