False Hope?

“We’ve been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope, but in the unlikely story that is America, there’s nothing false about hope.” – Obama in his “concession” speech after the New Hampshire primary

I thought this statement was such a clever comeback to the attacks from the Clinton campaign.

The presidential campaign seemed to begin way too soon, but now things are getting interesting. Perhaps it’s because actual voting has begun or more likely it’s because The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are back on.

One of the more fascinating themes has been the idea of hope and change. It seems that the candidates coming out of nowhere to gain momentum have been the ones talking about a better future. The ones who have been talking about the accomplishments of the past won in New Hampshire (Clinton and McCain), but in Iowa the early winners were Obama and Huckabee. It will be curious to see if Americans want to go back to the past or consider the idea of Huckabee’s vertical politics or Obama’s “new majority.”

Another reason for the popularity of Huckabee and Obama? – support from Chuck Norris for Huckabee and support from Oprah for Obama!

A very interesting exchange between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took place recently in which Clinton seems to indicate that President Lyndon Johnson was more important than Martin Luther King, Jr.. The article describing this exchange reads:

“Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama have been in a running feud arising from her suggestion at Saturday’s debate that he was raising ‘false hope.’ Mr. Obama responded that Mr. Kennedy did not decide going to the moon was a false hope and that Martin Luther King, Jr. did not see ending segregation as such. ‘Dr. King’s dream began to be realized when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act,’ Mrs. Clinton said when asked about Mr. Obama’s rejoinder…. ‘It took a president to get it done.'”

Such a strange response from Clinton. I don’t think Americans want to hire a politician to pass laws but to find a leader to create a better future.


It should be an interesting year to see how we vote as Americans! Only 11 months to go until the elections!

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  • Travis Mamone

    Stephen Colbert says he had a lot to do with Huckabee, since he’s been on the Report three times. But you never know with Colbert.

  • Crystal Renaud

    i have a sickening obsession with politics. i am way excited for this!

  • Larry Shallenberger

    All this talk about hope… I’m pretty confident that neither party can build the kingdom of God. I’m engaged in the process, but I’ve taken on a Greg Boyd-ian stance on all this.

    The body of Christ is the hope of the world. Be a Republician, Be a Democrat. But first an foremost, be loyal to Kingdom Come.

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