Pizza Soup

How does the old saying go? “Necessity is the mother of invention.” How true that is!

This month we are trying to save some money by not going to the grocery store (except for the essentials like toilet paper and milk). It is an attempt to cut down on our consumeristic tendencies and pay off our credit card on time this month after our Christmas purchases. All that to say, we have found some yummy dishes by just eating up all the canned foods in the cabinets. My new favorite was last night’s Pizza Soup!

While making a soup using turkey meat, beans, and corn, the recipe called for tomato sauce, but we don’t have any. Debbie decided to try using the pizza sauce. Voila! A new creation – pizza soup! It was delicious with a yummy spicy pizza flavor!

Can’t wait to see what we have coming out of the pantry tomorrow night!

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