Good thing I am not a gambling man. If so, I would have been “crushed like a bag of chips” as my kids like to say (still haven’t figured out where they got that phrase).

I suppose I was being optimistic or even biased in my prediction for the Seahawks and against the Patriots, but how did the Colts and Cowboys lose!?!? How did the Chargers win without Rivers and L.T.?!? O.K., I know how they could have won without Rivers, but how did they pull this off without L.T.?!?

I would like to retract my previous post “Things No Longer Left Unsaid (Sports Version)” – at least the part about the Patriots. Their schedule isn’t why they are undefeated. Tom Brady is why they are undefeated. 26 for 28 in passing?! I don’t who will be able to stop the Patriots, but now I guess I am hoping Green Bay with old man Favre pull it off.

By the way, tonight I will be replacing my Seahawks screensaver on my laptop with my kids or the Dodgers or anything else to help me move on from such a lousy finish to the season.

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  • Travis Mamone

    Did you see the after-game press conference when Terrell Owens started crying? My stepdad said, “There’s no crying in football!” (Yes, he borrowed a line from A League of Their Own)

  • Brandon Donaldson

    crazy weekend for sure! But to see Favre go to the SuperBowl and defeat the undefeated would be the ultimate. It would be too perfect.

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