Clippers Basketball: An Oxymoron?

I made an interesting choice in 1998, the year we moved from Seattle to Los Angeles. I chose to cheer for the Clippers. Ever since, I have suffered through some really rough seasons.

It has seemed like we must be cursed! Anytime something good would happen, something worse would follow. For awhile, every year would end with our best players signing contracts elsewhere. Finally, just a few years ago our stingy owner started signing some of our guys to long-term deals. As a result we made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs! Unfortunately, those we signed got injured in freakish ways. (If you are at all squeamish, don’t watch Shaun Livingston’s horrific knee injury here.)

Going into this season, we lost our best two players for several months (Livingston and Elton Brand). Soon after the season began, Sam Cassell, Cuttino Mobley, and Tim Thomas all missed games due to injuries. The losses began pile up. The only bright spot has been the play of Chris “Caveman” Kaman who has emerged as the 3rd most productive center in the NBA. Even still, losing games with good stats isn’t the goal.

I began to wonder if Clippers Basketball was destined to remain an oxymoron – two opposite words that don’t belong together like “jumbo shrimp” or “cafeteria food.”

Last Tuesday night, we ended our Mosaic Alliance round table with box seats at the Clippers game (it is easy to get a really good deal on tickets nowadays). No one in our group of 35 gave the Clippers a chance against the Suns. I have to admit, after the game began with a 12-2 run by the Suns, I was losing hope as well. Even as the majority of the crowd seemed to cheer for the Suns, the Clippers did the unthinkable. They won!




After the game, we got to play basketball on the actual court! Watching us play were Amare Stoudamire, Grant Hill, Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Steve Nash. They were even taller in person than they are on TV.



We had a great time playing basketball – even as my team struggled to win. In fact, my team reminded me of the Clippers – glimpses of greatness surrounded by losses and finally an injury.

With 5 minutes left to play, I dove for a ball and hurt my back. I couldn’t even stand up straight afterwards. In fact, I thought I had dislocated my spine, I looked so crooked in the mirror. I spent 3 hours the next day (my birthday) in Urgent Care due to a pinched nerve in my back.

Perhaps even Clippers’ fans are cursed?!

For more pics, go here.

  • Rusty

    Being a die hard Suns fan, I couldn’t watch the end of the game. We have now lost to three of the worst teams in the NBA. The Timberwolves, the Heat, and now the Clippers. When will the Suns learn…..

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