Lou Holtz: Insights and Embarrassing Moments with Famous People

Today marks the beginning of a new series of posts called “Insights and Embarrassing Moments with Famous People.” Today I begin with Lou Holtz, college football genius and ESPN college football commentator. “Holtz is the only coach in the history of college football to take six different teams to bowl games, win five bowl games with different teams, and have four different college teams ranked in the final Top 20 poll.” (from his bio).

Personally, I love his pep talks on College Gameday!

Here are some insights from Lou Holtz:

“I talk to my wife because no one else wants to see me succeed as much as she does.”

“My wife survived cancer, but I don’t pray for her anymore. I pray to her. She’s a saint.”

“There are two types of people. Those who lift up and those who pull down.”

“To become the type of person who lifts up, do right, do things to the best of your ability, and show people you care.”

“Great leadership requires 5 things: 1. Vision 2. A Plan 3. Lead by example 4. Hold people accountable 5. Share core values”

“Stop complaining. 80% of those listening don’t care, the other 20% are glad something bad is happening to you.”

My embarrassing moment with Lou Holtz came backstage when I was teasing him about making fun of Baylor football. I don’t guess he knew I was trying to joke with him, so he began describing how Baylor football could improve (“find another Grant Teaff, someone who can coach and shares the values of the university”). By the way, according to Rivals.com, Baylor is the Division I school in need of the most help.

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  • aaron

    I can relate to the talk to my wife part.

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