Insights and Embarrassing Moments with Famous People: Dr. Robert Schuller


At the Rethink event last week, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Robert Schuller, the founder of the Crystal Cathedral.

I have always appreciated the way he has broken down barriers to reach people such as turning a drive-in movie theater into a place to have church services, hosting a television show like Hour of Power, and connecting with influential people from politics and entertainment. He is an incredibly well-connected person, and has a passion for connecting people to God. Years ago I was challenged by reading Goliath, a biography of Robert Schuller.

Before the Rethink Conference began, I was in the room as Dr. Schuller and Erwin were talking about co-hosting the conference. Dr. Schuller mentioned to Erwin that it would be important to include humor throughout the interaction on stage. Encouraging Dr. Schuller that he would let him take the lead, Erwin responded: “I will Robin to your Batman.”

Dr. Schuller then said: “Well, see there is a difference between us, I don’t know who that is.”

We all laughed. Not realizing he may have been joking with us, I thought I would help him understand what Erwin meant, so I added: “Erwin will be Hardy to your Laurel.”

The laughing died down a bit at that point.

Erwin then responded to me under his breath: “He’s not that old!”

Have you ever tried to help a situation and only made it worse? I seem to do that often.

  • aaron

    Great moments like that make life enjoyable!

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