Online PFP Reviews!

I have been getting some encouraging feedback this past week on the book, including some kind reviews of Peppermint-Filled Pinatas. Thanks for your spreading the word about the book! My prayer is that this book would help those of us who follow Jesus to love, serve, and honor those who are being overlooked in this world.

Take a look!

Leadership Network Book Reviews (I am a contributor to this blog as well).

NY Times Bestselling Author Tommy Newberry mentions my blog on his site. He wrote The 4:8 Principle.

Arnau van Wyngaard from the Reformed Church of Swaziland and South Africa wrote a really kind review at his site here.

Hany Fouad, the Director of “Arab Ministry in Spain” sent me an email with a kind quote:

“The book was easy to read, but it doesn’t mean that you can finish it in one session of light reading. It provokes a lot of questions and a self examination…. It is a new type of prophetic writing. It confronts strongly without being judgmental, and it doesn’t impose standards that are unapproachable on the opposite the general spirit of the book is ‘Yes, we can live this productive and meaningful life among any kind of people.’”

  • Derrick Engoy

    Hey man,

    Congrats on all the success, especially for PFP being your first book.

    I admire your zeal and commitment.

    Unfortunately, I have yet to get a hold of your book. It is, however, on the list of books I’m aiming to get. And once I feast my eyes on the well-reviewed-gem, I will definitely leave an in depth comment on it.


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