Domestic Violence


1300 women call the police every day reporting physical abuse

2 women every week are killed by their partners

To raise awareness of this injustice and to encourage victims to share about their struggles, actresses in the U.K. have posed with makeup making it appear they have been victims of abuse.

This is Anna Friel as if she were a victim of abuse.


This is Anna Friel from Pushing Daisies on ABC.


To read the entire article, go here.

Justice means looking out for the oppressed and the abused, protecting those who struggle to protect themselves.

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  • Rindy Walton

    1300 women call the police every day–and thousands more never do. I know–I was one of them. Thanks for posting this–too many are suffering without anyone really knowing…or not doing anything at all.

  • Daniel

    Hey Eric. Thanks for stopping by. It was good meeting you in Anaheim – wish you could have shared more at the panel dinner. Looking forward to hearing/connecting at Fresno State next month.

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