Justice – Revenge or Forgiveness?

I had a great time in Kentucky with some new friends at Campbellsville University last week! Our theme for the conference was “Worship and Justice.”

In the midst of some really meaningful conversations about justice, I watched the jury’s decision and the responses from the Bobbie Cutts trial. The jury gave him a life sentence (parole after serving 57 years) rather than the death penalty for the murder of his 8 month pregnant girlfriend (Jessie Davis) and their baby girl. He disposed of her body leaving his two year old son all alone at the apartment. The toddler later told police “Mommy’s in the rug.”

Such a horrible tragedy.

He claimed he accidentally killed her and then panicked and hid her body, lying to authorities and her family about what had happened. This former police officer had become a killer and a liar.

Jessie’s sisters and dad all looked at Bobbie and called him a coward and a liar. Jessie’s father went on to ask if he could just have some time alone in a room with Bobbie, obviously wanting to allow Bobbie to feel just a glimpse of what Jessie must have felt from him.

I could not blame them at all. How else could one react to this horrible situation?

Jessie’s mom was the last to stand up to speak to Bobbie. As the woman now raising Bobbie and Jessie’s two year old son, she confessed she was conflicted. She did not want to raise her grandson to grow up hating his dad. Even if she didn’t feel like it, she chose to forgive him and even asked the judge to allow Bobbie the opportunity to end his jail time in order to one day hold his son. (read more here).

I was in shock and amazed. Can she really forgive him? Should she really forgive him?

In the midst of this emotional moment, I couldn’t help but wonder which path was the best one – the one the father took or the one the mother took. What is the best for their future and their grandson’s future?

Praying for peace for this family and for this little boy – who will live the rest of his life without his mom and without his dad.

  • gretch-A-Sketch

    What a tragic story. But the part I related to the most was that she chose to forgive him even when she couldnt feel it. How true is that. There have been so many times that I myself had to forgive (not anything like this situation) but still had to forgive and didnt feel like it. I wanted to hurt and hate for what was done to me. It wasnt fair. I should hurt so they can see me hurt and possibly suffer! These are real feelings people have but when we can rid ourselves of our own human nature and follow Christ…not our feelings, we are able to forgive even when we dont feel like it.

    Thanks for sharing this story.

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