Awaken Event: April 1-3 (REGISTER ONE GET ONE FREE!)

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Erwin McManus and our team at Mosaic would love for you to join us in Los Angeles in April for our premier event of the year!

AWAKEN is more than a conference…

AWAKEN is an invitation into the imagination of some of today’s most inspiring spiritual leaders. Join us for a 3-day conversation between uniquely different voices, generations, styles, passions and perspectives.

Mentors with scars and victories under their belt, speaking out of who they actually are and what they’ve actually done.

« Nancy Beach » « Wayne Cordeiro » « Bill Hybels »
« Nancy Ortberg » « Lee Strobel » plus…

Mavericks and cutting edge leaders who fail fast so others can succeed faster, and succeed so others will be inspired.

« Mark Batterson » « Dan Kimball » «Rick McKinley» plus…

Mavens in their own field, brilliant minds dispensing paradigm-shifting insights like cotton candy at a parade.

« Dr. Henry Cloud » « Emmanuel Katongole »
« Yvonne Latty » « Mark Mittelberg » plus…

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