What if Everyone…


Sunday was a powerful day at Mosaic as we continued our series “Everyone.”

At our new Mosaic Whittier gathering, Octavio Martinez shared some powerful insights on “What if Everyone Mattered?”

“We want the Savior of me or of America not the Savior of the world! What if God cares for someone I don’t like?”

In Luke 15, God seems to be saying, “Though I care for all of you, the most important person to me is the one who is not here.”

Jesus doesn’t seem to ask “how did you get here?” but “how can I help you out of here?”

At the Mayan gatherings, Erwin and Adrian Koehler shared on the topic: “What if Everyone Sacrificed?”

As a real practical application of this theme, we were challenged to give away the shoes on our feet which would be given to help people who need these shoes. Through Serve LA giving these shoes is part of our long-term commitment to serve the homeless in partnership with several other ministries.

Watching people stream towards the front leaving their shoes (some really nice and some who probably needed those very shoes) was inspiring and powerful.

Below is just a fraction of what we gave on Sunday.


What if everyone mattered and sacrificed?! It would be an even more beautiful world!

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  • aaron

    momentary sacrifice…hopefully that translates into a lifetime of sacrifice! Beautiful!

  • DetzelPretzel

    That’s awesome…thanks for sharing.

  • Pete Wilson

    Love it. That is the church being the church.

  • Lon

    so cool… so people went home barefoot…? not sure that’ll fly in Canada.

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