Fresno and Pasadena!

I will be speaking in Fresno as part of the Veritas Forum at Fresno State on Friday and then at our Awaken Event next week in Pasadena. If you know people in the area, or want to come out, here are the details:


The Veritas Forum is at Fresno State University in Fresno, CA. My session begins at 7pm on Friday, March 28th in the Arena Theatre (Speech Arts Building).

The Theme: “Immigration: It’s Not Just About A Wall”

The Presenters include: Ruben Navarrette, Jr. (writer, columnist and lecturer), Antonio Arreguin-Bermudez (Professor of Spanish, Chico State), Cesilia Lomeli-Perez (Nurse practitioner, Holy Cross Clinic), and Bruce Thornton (Professor of Classical Studies, Fresno State)


AWAKEN is more than a conference…

AWAKEN is an invitation into the imagination of some of today’s most inspiring spiritual leaders. Join us for a 3-day conversation between uniquely different voices, generations, styles, passions and perspectives. Erwin McManus, our Mosaic team, and I will be speaking as well these special guests:

« Nancy Beach » « Wayne Cordeiro » « Bill Hybels »
« Nancy Ortberg » « Lee Strobel »
« Mark Batterson » « Dan Kimball » «Rick McKinley»
« Dr. Henry Cloud » « Emmanuel Katongole »
« Yvonne Latty » « Mark Mittelberg » plus…

For more info:

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