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Today kicks off the Awaken Conference here at Mosaic in Pasadena. Our entire team is looking forward to a great event with an amazing line up of speakers, teachers and communicators as well as the opportunity to interact with so many leaders from around the globe. If you are a blogger and are attending Awaken I’d love for you to share your event experiences via your blog. We’ll compile and share links of those who contributed their thoughts. If you are not able to attend this year you can still listen to interviews with some of the speakers here.

I will be posting some of the insights I hear during these three days here as well.

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  • djchuang

    I’m here too, hope to meetup with you and others.. thanks to the Mosaic team for having wifi here! I’ll be twittering more than blogging @

  • Mynhardt

    Hi! Awaken has really been great so far! I’ve been challenged not only by the speakers, but also by some of the ministry leaders who came from all over the world…

    My ramblings:

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