Rays Win! Rays Win!

For the first time in 4 years of baseball, Caleb’s team truly won a game!

In the first two years during teeball, the league doesn’t keep score. There are no winners or losers in teeball. Last year Caleb’s team won one game out of 19. We only won that one because the coach of the other team decided to use that game to let his outfielders play infield and vice versa. We are still grateful. This year, we have started off 0-5.

Today, we came back from a 4 run defecit in the bottom of the last inning (3rd) to win 8-7! Christian got a hit with two outs which scored two runs to win it!


Our season has had some highlights for Caleb. He caught a pop fly at 2nd base in one game. He has gotten a grounder and thrown out the batter running to first (once from 2nd base and once from right field)!

He has also pitched for the first time ever. The first time he threw his “sinker” pitch every time as he struggled to even throw the ball far enough to get to the catcher. It came in like an underhanded softball pitch and dropped out of the sky. Not one kid on the other team got a hit or even a foul tip. Unfortunately, he walked 4 guys, hit one kid in the head (he was wearing a helmet), and struck out three (thanks to a very generous umpire). This past Thursday night, he pitched again throwing only fast balls which were consistently getting over the plate. He got one strike out and one kid hit a single off of him before time ran out ending the game. The funniest part of his second pitching experience was the way he would shake his head as if agreeing to the signs from the catcher. There were no signs being given!

The kids enjoyed a fun spring break playing with their neighborhood friends. Below are some pics with Trevi:


TREVI’S TATOO (temporary of course)


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  • David


    Hey- I found your website/blog. Pretty cool. Tell Caleb Congrats from me!!!
    I am sure you are a proud dad!

    I hope things are going well for you. I am getting back into my hobby of flying small planes…so that is fun. I have to go up a few times with a flight instructor (flying out of John Wayne airport) so I can get familiar with layout of the airtraffic.


  • Pete Wilson

    I love it Eric! Congrats to the team. We got blown away by 15 runs tonight. Better luck next week!

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