Jackie Robinson Day!

We had a hard decision last night: go to Caleb’s game (Tiny Rays vs the Tiny Rangers) or go to the Dodgers game.

We made the right decision as Caleb pitched well (1 strike out and 2 walks), and the Rays won their second game (now 2-6)! The highlight was when one of our newer players, Andrew, hit a grand slam. Andrew had never hit a ball in a game and only hit one ball in practice all year! Unfortunately, the Dodgers ended up losing in the 9th inning.


Today is Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball! One of the best moments in Dodgers history was certainly the introduction of Jackie Robinson into the major leagues, the first African American player. The challenges he faced and endured paved the way to create a more integrated sports world and even more importantly a more integrated society.

Check out one of the most remarkable plays in sports history: Jackie Robinson Stealing Home Base Against Yogi Berra

  • mark stegall

    Thank God for those who create the future!

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