In Honor of the Pope’s Visit…

There is a spiritual conspiracy among fast food chains.

For the full details, go to this previous post. Since the Pope is visiting us here in the U.S., I thought I would point out a couple of examples:

Recently Popeye’s changed their logo to try and hide their agenda, but notice their original logo which reveals an obvious bias. It doesn’t say “popeyes” but “pope yes” and apparently the pontiff enjoys chicken and biscuits.


One more example from Jack-in-the-Box. See if you can spot the message they hope to communicate:


Can you see it? It doesn’t say simply “Jack-in-the-Box” but says “Jack-in-the-B Jesus fish.”

Have you noticed the conspiracy?

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  • Travis

    Good to know Chic-Fil-A isn’t the only fast food chain for Jesus.

  • Henry Zonio

    I can’t believe the crass marketing schemes… Gasp!

  • aaron

    great suff!

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