Amplified Impact

Thought you might like to see this as part of the Everybody Worship dvd!

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  • Krista

    Awesome! Thank you and praise our beautiful LORD GOD for you and your ministry Eric! Looking forward to hearing and learning and doing more all to GOD’s glory! Hallelujah! Many blessings to you and yours!

  • Rebekah

    this is a really awesome video, Eric. : ) And if i am allowed to point out some humor I found in this video, it was when they were showing all the speakers (where they play the music and we see people talking but can’t hear them) and then it comes to the part where it shows you and its a clip of you pretending to hold a stick and beating the air with it..haha!! It made me laugh that they chose to show that clip–although it wasn’t really a bad idea b/c it went perfectly with remembering the title of your book “PFP” : )

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