Great Time in the UK!

Adrian and I had a really great time in the U.K. this past weekend. We had a chance to meet some remarkable people doing really great things! The Encounter event, the Leadership training, the people at Longton Community Church, and our Mosaic Alliance gathering were all fantastic!

THE WADSWORTHS (They hosted us along with the Parkers, fed us fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding, took us around the city, and introduced us to the Nintendo Wii. Notice the way the boys spontaneously all chose to wear their Liverpool Football shirts that day).


ENCOUNTER (a city-wide event led by the teenagers and young people from several different churches around Preston, a great way to give several small churches with just a few teens a chance to really impact the city)


CORE MAGAZINE (These guys are doing great things to connect with the emerging generation across the U.K. and Europe through this fantastic periodical!)


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