Gaining “Market Share” in a Recession


(For more on this graph, check out the Business Resonance blog)

On my recent travels I have been enjoying the BusinessWeek podcasts. In a recent one about the possible recession we are experiencing, the analysts discussed the options businesses have:

1. Cut back all research and development funding and focus on what must be in the short-term.

2. Make short-term sacrifices in order to gain long-term results by working to expand market share.

Option #2 is a brilliant idea!

Politically, President Bush called for Congress to pass a bill approving $700 million in food aid to offset the skyrocketing cost of food such as corn, wheat, and bread. This move provides help to those who might see us as enemies and may alleviate potential unrest in places such as Egypt. More importantly, it is the right thing to do. Could the US gain “market share” in terms of the way others perceive us around the world?

In our churches, as finances are tight, we need to re-evaluate our spending and make sure we don’t neglect those with the greatest need physically (usually the ones who are affected first and the most when the economy is hurting) and spiritually (it is easier to invest in ourselves rather than investing in those who don’t yet contribute).

With this in mind, appreciate your prayers as our community at Mosaic looks to serve people this weekend at Big Sunday and as we seek to love, serve, and reach out through ambitious events (“Love Letters” from She Community), new gatherings (South Bay starting June 22nd), and new relationships.

  • Henry Zonio

    Interesting thoughts. I was just listening to part of a broadcast on CBC on a book called “The Bottom Billion.” It’s about the growing chasm between the poorest countries and everyone else. The author proposed that these countries which contain the “bottom billion” people in the world are stuck and in need of more affluent countries/organizations to invest in them. At least that’s what I got out of it. I know there was more to the book and report, but I thought, “Well, duh!”

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