Tragedy in Burma


Devastation in Burma (now known as Myanmar) as a result of a cyclone. Over 22,000 expected to have died, 41,000 missing, and over 1 million lost their homes.

The military government has not allowed help in from the U.S.. We should pray for those affected and that this tragedy might move the government to allow more freedom for the Burmese people. Ironically, this tragic event has delayed elections which could have cemented the power of the ruling military government. These elections have been delayed in the most affected areas.

UPDATE: US Envoy expects deaths from the Cyclone to top 100,000 people

  • David Adams

    It saddens me that I can be so apathetic that I do not even issue a prayer on behalf of the survivors. It sometimes take a lot of visual pictures with the faces of those who are hurting for me to be able to get on my knees. Why is that?

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