Mother’s Day

I am blessed to have such a wonderful Mom and to have such wonderful Grandmas, mother-in-law, and of course to have Debbie as an amazing mom to our kids! Every day should be Mother’s Day!

Trevi and Caleb at the Dodgers Game on Friday night

Mother’s Day Cards from Trevi and Caleb (outside)

Mother’s Day Cards from Trevi and Caleb (inside)


I guess Caleb was still thinking about the Dodgers game from Friday night!

  • Rebekah

    Hey Eric! That is so cute–Trevi has some good artistic skills there! : )I hope Debbie had a wonderful Mother’s Day..I forgot to tell her Happy Mother’s Day–I know she isn’t my mom but I still would have liked to have wished her a happy one anyway. : ) We missed you and her and the kids on Mother’s Day when we all went out for lunch at Abuelos. It was a fun time!
    Love you!

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