PFP Award Nomination!

Outreach Magazine has included PFP on the cover!


Do you see it? It’s to the far right.

PFP was nominated by Outreach as one of the best books on personal evangelism! Pretty cool, huh?!

Other PFP news:

Zondervan included one of my posts at the Zondervan blog

A review of PFP from a new friend from the U.K.

“White Men Can Jump, Just Not As High” (chapter 6 from PFP) reviewed by Mud Puppy

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  • Mud Puppy

    Great news!!

  • Lon

    awesome dude… your book has been on my to-read list for ages! I’ll be getting on it real soon!

  • angela

    Congrats, Eric!

  • Rebekah

    That is awesome, Eric!! You’re book has definelty gotten a lot of attention and I even listened to some of your audio interviews about your book and I was proud to be your lil’ sister in law. : )


  • Renee Johnson

    We are very proud to be working with you here at Outreach Events. You are a blessing and am so glad that God is using you in mighty ways.

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