Prince Caspian

One of the advantages of living in Los Angeles includes seeing movie screenings. Last night, Debbie and I had an opportunity to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I enjoyed all of the Lord of the Rings films and the first film in the Narnia series, but I am not a big fan of lots of creatures talking. Honestly, I feared it would be a bit cheesy.

In the end, we were quite impressed and even inspired. The film depicted a meaningful story showing the power of hope over hopelessness. The Kings and Queens of Narnia return to discover that the creatures of Narnia are being oppressed by the ruthless Telmarines. The story shows their journey to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles through the power of trusting others.

In many ways it felt like an epic kids version of Troy or Gladiator. It seemed to be quite violent and a tad too long for the smallest ones, but we would still take Caleb and Trevi with a few “hands over the eyes” moments and a debrief afterwards.

The best line in the movie (my paraphrased version):

“We cannot concern ourselves with what could have been but what will be.”

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  • Henry Zonio

    I laughed at your “hands over the eyes” moments… We’ve got those too! So glad to know that there are other parents like us out there 🙂 There are just some things that I want my kids to see with just a little editing from mom and dad.

  • Sam.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing it when its out over here.

  • Rebekah

    This movie was AWESOME and a lot more intense than the first one. : )

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