Jesus as a Weapon?


We enjoy watching Lost with our neighbors John and Bea. If you aren’t watching Lost, you are missing one of the best television shows of all time! I love how interconnected, complicated, and mysterious the story line has become.

This past week, Hurley hears a sound coming from his backyard and grabs a statue of Jesus to protect himself. Opening the door, he hears his family and friends shout “Surprise!” His mom sees the statue and comments:

“Hurley, Jesus Christ isn’t a weapon!”

Our friend Bea who was watching with us commented: “Some people act like He is.”

Unfortunately, that has become all too true at times.

For more on Lost, go to this previous post.

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  • Sam.

    I gave up on Lost after the end of series 2 as it moved away from the free TV channels here in the UK.

    Having just finished Heroes series one I’m looking for something new to get into though and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back into Lost. We’ll see!

  • Renee Johnson

    Lost is by far my favorite telelvision show of all time. I’m so glad you think so!

  • Heather

    I said the same exact thing about Jesus being a weapon! We gather a group at our house every Thursday night to watch it. Can’t wait for the two hour season finale this week…

  • Henry Zonio

    Ha! I said the same thing, too!

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