Harrison Ford

The family and I have enjoyed watching through the Indiana Jones trilogy, especially Raiders and Last Crusade. The poor kids hardly got to watch any of Temple of Doom. If the new one is more like 1 or 3, we’ll take the kids. If it is like the 2nd one, then they will have to wait.


Here are two of my favorite quotes from Harrison Ford:

[on what made him choose acting as a profession] Failure in all other fields.

[after his first screen test] The studio guy told me, “Kid, you have no future in this business.” I said, “Why?” He said, “When Tony Curtis first walked onscreen carrying a bag of groceries — a bag of groceries! — you took one look at him and said, ‘THAT’S a movie star!'” I said, “Weren’t you supposed to say, ‘That’s a grocery delivery boy?’ ”

UPDATE: I was really hoping that the newest Indiana Jones movie would beat the last installment of Pirates of the Caribbean for top grossing film over a weekend. I couldn’t stand those last two Pirates movies. Unfortunately, I did not like this 4th Indiana Jones film at all! It was so ridiculous and far-fetched! I don’t mind using my imagination, but Mutt Williams (terrible name!) swinging through the trees like Tarzan to catch up to a speeding vehicle or an old Indy just as active as ever before (not to mention the same burning face of the bad guy ending as all the others)! Yikes!

  • Cheryl Russell

    Love those quotes, especially the second one! Wonder if what the reply, if any, was?

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