Last Comic Standing


One of our favorite shows is back on! Debbie and I love Last Comic Standing! It is surreal to see the NYC comics performing at the Gotham Comedy Club, the place I performed my second ever stand up comedy gig about 4 years ago. (One of my gigs from a couple of years ago is here if you haven’t seen it).

Best lines from week one:

“I’m not happy. My teeth are just too big for my face.” – Marc Theobald

“We didn’t expect the internet. We all expected cell phones, but the internet took us by surprise. That’s why we never saw the internet on Star Trek…. You never heard Captain Kirk ask Spock: ‘Give me the coordinates to Alpha 5.’ Spock’s response: ‘I’m googling that now Captain.’
Spock: ‘Captain, we have an instant message from the Romulon Commander.’ It reads: ‘Surrender or be destroyed LOL.'”
– Dan Naturman

  • Deana

    I love that show too. The guy doing the running man had me laughing to tears!

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