“Seven Deadly Habits of Truly Miserable People”

One of my mantras is: “Don’t complain about something you aren’t willing to do anything about.”

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this motto. In fact, I know I need to have a few hard conversations in the next week that I have been avoiding.

Check out this great article about how we succumb to seven deadly habits in our efforts to control others around us.

“…most of the emotional turmoil you experience is directly traceable to the fact that you’ve learned to try to control those around you through …punishing, complaining, blaming, threatening, nagging, criticizing, and bribing” according to psychiatrist William Glasser, MD, president of the William Glasser Institute in Chatsworth, CA, and author of Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom (HarperCollins, 1999).

  • Jonathan Brink

    Thanks Eric. Leave it to a doctor to nail it.

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