Worst Baby Names

With some of our closest friends welcoming their babies into the world (Marshall, Aidan, and Judah!) and with Trevi’s birthday coming up tomorrow, I thought I would mention some of the funniest baby names I have ever heard.

Bread White
Leper Priest
Good Dog
Emma Royd
Acne Fountain
Anita Bath (a real name among other Bart Simpson’s phone pranks)


For a full list of crazy baby names, go here!

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  • Sam.

    You should check out this fun post on baby names my friend Ryan wrote: http://www.downroute66.com/2008/02/26/the-big-bible-baby-name-list/. It’s a lot of fun!

  • mike hertz

    you know Penn and Teller the comedians/ magicians?…One of them gave their daughter the middle name “Crime Fighter”. He reasoning? He thinks it’ll help her in the future when she gets pulled over by a cop.

  • daniel d

    great photo! haha

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