Trevi’s Birthday!

My little girl turned 6 yesterday! I cannot believe it!

We enjoyed the afternoon seeing Kung Fu Panda (a FANTASTIC movie!), eating at Noodle World (Trevi told her friend Caden: “Trust me, this place tastes like heaven.”), and having some of our friends from the neighborhood over for Debbie’s homemade Velvet Cake!



In the last few weeks, here are a couple of quotes from Trevi which made me laugh and a little bit nervous.

“When I’m President I am going to tell people when they are at baseball games not to boo the other team.”

The other day, Trevi seemed to indicate she follows Jesus now (which is better than last time in which she said: “I already told Jesus I would be His leader .”). I asked if she wanted to share this decision with her friends by being baptized. Caleb shouted out: “She already baptized herself!”

We always appreciate prayers for our daughter. 🙂

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  • Rusty

    My son turned 9 on the 11th! His dream is to become Indiana Jones with a video game…

  • Dave Carrol

    Daughter are my favorite. Them and sons are great.

  • mike hertz

    ok since we’re sharing cute kid stuff here’s goes- one summer I reached to open the refrigerator and my son James jumped in between me and the door and yelled– “Don’t open it! I got fly in there!!!”
    He was around 7.

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