Euro 2008


My cousins Mitch and Kyle encouraged me to check out the football championships going on in Europe.  I have to admit, after catching the last 10 minutes of the Croatia vs. Turkey battle, I am hooked (of course I didn’t see the 119 scoreless minutes preceding those last ten)!

After 119 minutes without any goals, Croatia scored!  Then less than a minute or so later with the final whistle about to blow any second, Turkey scored!  Then the match moved to penalty kicks.  Remarkably for the third time in a row, Turkey came from behind to win.


Even more remarkably, they won with a back up goalkeeper who was replacing the starter who is serving a two game suspension.  Rustu won me over the way he warmly encouraged the Croatians just before the penalty kicks and just after the match ended.

  • Carsten Koch

    Hi Eric,
    I live nearby Berlin (Germany), where many Turkish people live. There was a big party this night. The first 119 minutes were boring.
    Next Wednesday will be the semin-final with Turkey vs. Germany. I think this will be very interesting in Berlin. I recommend this game to you. 🙂
    I think the final will be next Saturday Germany vs. Netherland. Also exciting!!! It will be hard to see the Netherlands crying 🙂


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