Mosaic over Coldplay?!

Chad Becker, a former Olympic-worthy skier, father of three, navigator at Mosaic, and music maven, just informed me that the owner of the Mayan Theater actually turned down the opportunity to have Coldplay play at his venue since it would have interfered with our Mosaic gatherings there.

Can you believe that?! He chose Mosaic over Coldplay!


Now, I know that we certainly pay more over the course of the year than a one-time renter would, but the owner is such a good guy to treat us so well.

We joked that if he had asked us, we could have moved our gatherings in exchange for a few front row tickets! 🙂

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  • Henry Zonio

    Ha! That is too funny. I think I’d take the tickets, too 😉

  • Phil

    You could always invite Coldplay to come and play at your gathering. Coldplay as a warm up act for Erwin… now that would be a story.

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