My Sportscenter Top Play

Have you ever noticed on ESPN’s SportsCenter that during the “Top Plays,” the extraordinary plays are usually coming from the losing team? Next time you watch, notice how many of those featured went on to lose the game.

After a week of playing Ultimate Frisbee at USC, Basketball, Ping Pong, and two softball games with some of my buddies, I had my best moment last night. Our softball team was down by 8 runs in the bottom of the last inning.

We began to work our way back to within 3 runs. There was one man on and two outs when I came up. I have to admit, I haven’t been hitting the ball that well, so I was nervous being up with two outs.

The count in softball in our league is 1 ball and 1 strike before the first pitch, so when the first pitch was a strike I was already down 1 ball and 2 strikes. The next pitch was a ball, but just barely. I almost struck out watching!

The next pitch came sailing down out of the sky and I swung as hard as I could and the ball took off. It kept going and going and going. At first I thought it was going to land right in the right-centerfielder’s glove, but then I saw him turn around and start running towards the outfield wall. The ball landed just beyond his reach and rolled towards the wall. I kept running as fast as I could as the guys yelled at me to run home!

For the first time in my life (at least that I could remember and without the help of throwing errors), I hit a home run!

I now have a new favorite bat: Miken’s “The Freak.”


We were down by 1 run now with 2 outs.

The next batter came up to the plate and popped out. The game was over, and we lost.

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  • Rusty

    ah man, couldn’t you have just fibbed a bit and said you won the game? You are in LA, and that makes such a better story.

    Great hit anyway!

  • Joshua

    Nice at least you got to use the freak; it’s banned in my softball league.

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