Best Summer Movies (So Far)

As a movie connoisseur and someone who likes to see a movie each week on opening weekend, here is my order of the movies I have seen (so far):

Kung Fu Panda – a really fun and hilarious movie with a great story and great message


Prince Caspian (a very close second)


Iron Man – a really, really good movie (thanks to Joel for reminding me to add this to my list). it seems like so long ago that I saw it, yet it is definitely one of the top three movies of the summer so far.


Wall-E – a slow-moving but meaningful movie. a bit preachy at the end but includes some fun moments.


Hancock-not really a very close fourth but definitely better than the last two. too many unanswered questions and a confusing story.


Zohan and Indiana Jones– I imagine these two films will stay at the bottom of this summer list even after the others I hope to see.

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  • Joel

    No Iron Man? If you haven’t seen it, I’d definitely recommend it.

  • daniel d

    I have wicked Kung Fu Panda moves. Check it out…

    My kids and I made the video from a Kung Fu Panda game at

    Loved that movie.

  • Joel

    You’re welcome! 🙂

    Loved Kung Fu Panda. Skadoosh!

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