Neighbors in NYC

 A PFP moment from Jessica Joy at Origins in NYC:
“I live in NYC in Washington Heights, a dominant Dominican neighborhood. We decided one way we could serve our neighbors is getting together (our lifegroup) to bake goodies and stuff them in Christmas goodie bags to deliver to each of our buildings. While we were baking the goods, we prayed over our buildings and the relational work God would be doing in the upcoming year to restore some of the cultural negative-stereotyping that goes on.

Delivering the goodies was nerve racking, especially since most of my neighbors don’t speak English. Amazingly, God blessed the opportunity so much! Little by little, relational trust is occurring, and I attribute most of it to that first opportunity at Christmas time. Praise God for breaking down the barriers that seem too much like obstacles that aren’t worth the effort. I’m still praying God would use us in our neighborhood, strategically!”

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