Planning Days with the Mosaic Team


These past two days have been really fun as we are meeting with our paid staff at Mosaic for dreaming, investment, refreshment, and recalibrating.  Here are some highlights (mostly from Erwin):

The “conqueror” is the more common strategy for leadership.  The “explorer” excavates the talent of those already there.  We need to become explorers.

If you keep looking for a new place to speak, you will never become a better communicator.  We need to look for ways to have something important to say whenever and wherever we have the opportunity to speak (one-on-one conversations, team trainings, youth ministry, and so on).

If we don’t translate building community with us, then we won’t be able to do this in our teams.  We need to move fast but never at the cost of creating community!

We think we have to tone down the Gospel to attract people to Jesus, but we actually need to elevate the understanding of the Gospel (to where Jesus intended) to offer life-transformation to those out there who are looking for meaning. 

We need to initiate relationships and conversations with the people others see as invisible.

Not everything has to grow large, but we need to be honest about what we have and are doing and always be a place for outsider.

The more people feel you are speaking to a person, the larger the church can become.  The more people feel you are speaking to a crowd then fewer people will want to come.

We need to ask the question:  “How do I help the people around me become the people God wants them to be?”  We are spiritual leaders, not just leaders.

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  • Johnny Laird

    Wise words, Eric, my friend.

    Lots of good stuff to chew over there.



  • nickhoss

    Wow! Seriously. Thank you for posting this information.

  • Mark Nicholson

    Yeah this is great stuff…..

    I love the slant on being an Explorer and looking for ways to make a difference in the everyday interactions with people not just at “large” speaking engagements or “Big” Christian events.

    The contrast b/w personalised conversation and crowd communication was great!

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