Baseball Collision, Wipeout, and Dog Poop

Last night was a bad night.

Debbie and the kids came to watch my softball team and I play at the Field of Dreams. We were playing in a replica of Yankees Stadium. After hitting a home run in my last game and watching Josh Hamilton hit a barrage of deep home runs in the home run derby the night before, I was excited to show off to my wife and kids.

Unfortunately, it was our worst game ever. We did fine defensively (I had 3 catches in the outfield), but we only scored 6 runs in 7 innings which is not good in softball. I was a black hole of talent. I got one hit in four at-bats. I had two dribblers to the infield and was thrown out. When I got my one hit, Carl came running home from second only to be thrown out at the plate. I was also the last out of the game.

The worst moment came during my second at-bat. I hit the ball slowly to the 3rd basemen. It was practically a bunt it was such a poor hit. I ran as fast as I could hoping to beat out the throw. Out of nowhere the first basemen appeared standing on the base. I ran right into him and bounced back hard onto the ground. I don’t know if I was running with my head down or the glare of the sun over first base kept me from seeing him or perhaps the throw moved him into my path. Either way, I was laid out flat on my back.  It would have been a great America’s Funniest Home Video moment, but no one was recording it (although I did hear some people in the crowd laughing).

Trevi said I looked like a doll running into a brick wall. The guy apologized to me later a couple of times, but he didn’t help me up after laying me out. I had a few cuts from where my sunglasses dug into my face. Rather than hurt, I was embarrassed. We went on to lose 10-6.



Back at home, while I was taking a shower, I heard Caleb scream one of the loudest screams I have ever heard him scream. He had stepped with his bare feet on dog poop left on the floor by our puppy Emma. Debbie did most of the clean up, but it was hard for him to recover after such a disgusting experience.


Two of our friends from Mosaic (Gabriel and Kat) were on Wipeout last night, and we missed watching it! I hope to watch it (episode #4) online later here. I caught the end of the show, but by then they had been eliminated.

Finally, the National League lost in the All-Star Game ruining the chances for the Dodgers to be able to have home field advantage in the World Series.

Here’s hoping and praying today will be a better day!

  • Matt Walton

    That is so cool that you know someone that was on that Wipeout. It is one of the funniest shows that I have seen in a long time.

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