TWLOHA at Hot Topic


A new friend of mine, Jamie Tworkowski, started a non-profit called To Write Love on Her Arms in order to “give hope and find help for those struggling with depression, addiction, cutting, and suicide.”

It has been amazing to see word travel these past couple of years through their myspace page, bands wearing their shirts on tour, interviews on television and conferences, word of mouth, and now in malls across the country at Hot Topic.

It all began when Jamie and some friends were reaching out to their friend, Renee, who was struggling. The t-shirts were a way to raise funds to get her the help she needed. Check out To Write Love on Her Arms for more on this amazing and beautiful story!

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  • Emily

    I am actually acquainted with both Renee and Jamie. Renee went to youth group with me. I can’t believe this shirt made it to Hot

  • Gretch-A-Sketch

    I went on and read Renee’s story. Heartbreaking, yet somewhat familiar. I have send this story on to a few friends and cant wait to get the T-shirt!

    Thanks for the info!


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