I Don’t Want “Wanted”

I cannot wait to see The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen on Tuesday night (first available showing that wasn’t in the middle of the night). In the meantime, Debbie and I went to see Wanted on our last date. That was a horrible mistake!

I can see why some people may like this film. I enjoyed some of the more dramatic moments, but it is a terrible date movie, especially when your date is extremely squeamish. She cannot even take the violence on TV shows like 24!

The movie ends with the main character (a weakling accountant-turned assassin) telling the audience: “I used to live a pathetic life like you.”

I was looking around the audience wondering, “Is he talking to me?” Now I didn’t like the movie!

The last line of the movie is the main character harrassing the audience again by saying he has taken control of his life and asking “What the f*#* have you been doing?!”

My response: “Wasting 2 hours and $20 watching you transform from a loser into a psychopath!”

I don’t like being taunted by characters on the screen. We would have been better off seeing Kung Fu Panda again!

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  • nickhoss


    Debbie would definitely be “squeamish” during The Dark Knight! No question.

    There are a LOT of deaths, explosions, and bad guy exploitations in the film. The movie is–after all–about a superhero trying to put an end to crime in his city.

    I enjoyed the creative depth of this film so much that I plan on contributing to its financial success a second time.

    Have fun, Eric! (Share your post-viewing thoughts.)

  • Jonathan Brink

    Thanks for saving me $10.

  • gbrad

    Yeah thanks!!

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