Interview with a Church Planter

I had the chance to talk with Joe Miller, a church planter from the Northwest recently.  He posted our conversation at his website.  Some of the questions included:

Why do you think making friends is such a difficult task for many Christians and pastors?

The staff at Mosaic which is very diverse; from the top down. What are some of the prejudices that you all, as leaders for Mosaic, have worked through in creating such a tight knit group of leaders?

Do you have some examples of prejudices from within the staff or toward the staff from those on the outside looking in that could help others learn from your experience to create a healthy and diverse team within their church?

Do you see diversity as a struggle for power or more as a struggle to broaden friendships? Or is there some kind of mix between the two?

Obviously though not all relationships last forever. Sometime people just quit on you. Sometimes people betray your friendship. Sometimes, you let people down and they just can’t forgive you. How have you learned to deal with the heartache and disappointment in these kinds of situations?

    For the full interview, go here.

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