Lemonade and One Life

Just met some neat people doing courageous things in tough places.


Lemonade International

“Lemonade International serves as the US base for the ministry of Tita Evertsz (a native Guatemalan) and her team in one of the poorest communities in Gutaemala City, called “La Limonada”. La Limonada is a ghetto neighborhood or “squatters village” of 60,000 people with 10 separate sections that are ruled by gang activity, addictions, sexual abuse and neglect. “La Escuelita” (the school) which is run by Tita and her team presents a ray of hope in the midst of the darkness of this neighborhood. More than 200 children receive breakfast and lunch daily, are educated and tutored to prepare them for formal school, provided with clothes, but most of all are loved and cared for. The heart of this work is to provide hope and resources for the children to break free from the cycle of poverty.” – Bill Cummings


One Life Child Sponsorship Program

“About a year ago we sold everything we owned and moved to South Africa. It was probably the hardest and most wonderful thing we have ever done. Yay. We work and live in Port Elizabeth…feeding kids. We run soup clubs and a Child Sponsorship Program. Right now over 700 kids get at least one meal a day. We also are involved with a hospice program and some other fun stuff. Just trying our best to love people and build relationships.” – Kristi Fair (a.k.a. Kristi Applesauce)

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  • Gretch-A-Sketch

    These organizations bring so much hope to a world where so many live in dark times. I thank God for these organizations! I love their purpose. To serve others not themselves. I started reading Frances Chans book this week and am really allowing that all to soak in. I wonder how the world would look if we gave more than we worked to receive? If comfy living wasnt the goal. If for each Starbucks we so easily buy, we could drive up to a drive-thru, and hand someone the $5 we pay for that coffee, and instead give it to children in need, not receiving anything (with added whip-cream & carmel topped, extra shot) back in return.

    Oh how different the world would be!
    I want to see that world. I want to see that change and be part of it.


  • Crystal Renaud

    Cool! Thanks for the mention of the One Life Child Sponsorship Program and my friends the Fair’s.

  • Bill Cummings

    Thanks so much for your heart to spread the word about organizations like ours and One Life… as we do our part to bring hope to the lives of people who have been neglected and forgotten.

    I love what Gretchin shared… and I agree the world would be such a better place if we weren’t so consumed with our own “quality of life” and if we looked for ways to improve the lives of others.

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