Bully Pulpit and Ideas4All

I always enjoy finding new sites, and here are two cool ones I have actually gone back and visited several times.  Take a look at:


Bully! Pulpit News: “your destination for the latest news, the most interesting and connected artists, authors, thinkers, and culture creators”


: “where people with ideas can share them, or change someone’s day, or change the world”

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  • ana maria llopis

    Thanks for referring Eric
    Yesterday we had record visits from 61 countries and 498 cities.
    Since launch the best day
    Your book sound interesting
    Ana Maria

  • ana maria llopis

    Dear Eric never received your book
    Now growing and over 17.700 ideas and 10.000 visits per day come and have a look also promotion.
    Most ideators form Spain Latam and India
    Ana Maria

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