“Loving Unlikeable People”


I had a chance to speak this past weekend at Mosaic at the Mayan on “Loving Unlikeable People.”

Listen to the Podcast which includes stories about spanking my Dad, a look at the Apostle Peter’s prejudice, a Q&A with Erwin, plus much more.

Here are a few ideas on loving unlikeable people:

1. Look for the uniqueness and value in the person you find annoying.

2. Be honest about your expectations rather than impose them.

3. Realize some people are hard to love due to the pain in their lives.

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  • Dan Endy

    Cool message. Great stories. Can”t wait for the impractical foolishness conversations. Enjoyed.


  • gretch-a-sketch

    Ok not sure that these people are “unlovable” but no doubt, have annoyed me in the past.

    No matter where I have lived I must have always had some invisible sign that says Jehovahs Witnesses should stop here!!

    I know I know….Love them.

    So a few weeks ago a woman stopped by. She handed be booklets and broke out into the all famous You Must BE Saved speech.

    So I told her I was a Christian. Right as I was about to shut the door as if she had inconvenienced my comfy Christian life and had insulted me…as if I wasnt already saved for pete sake!…. I decided to just talk with her.

    I myself at the moment didnt really know the difference between JW’s and Christians. But just like when I read something I kept myself skeptical of the words spoken to me but I didnt want to just push her away.

    I wanted to love her.

    I thanked her for taking her time to come to my door and read me a Psalm. That Psalm actually fit perfect for the day I was having. Had I shut the door I wouldnt have been as blessed as when I heard that.

    Of course today she came back, with a friend, and gave me another more in-depth book but she took the time to just thank me for talking with her last time and for my kindness.

    I guess good can come from the all feared JW knock. =)

  • Bob

    Hey Eric
    Great message, very challenging. Keep up the great work
    Bob in NZ

  • Jordan

    Good Message!
    Fun stories and especially enjoyed your teaching on Christians having realistic expectations of those who haven’t put their faith in Christ! Growing up in high school, this was what I seen turned most people away from the church! I’m beginning to think that those who live this way are in some ways trying to redeem themselves, as though Jesus weren’t enough, there is still a need to feel superior and redeemed to culture! And so they feel good by ‘obeying’ and shake their heads at others… reminds me of the Pharisee’s… just some thoughts i gathered after listening…Good stuff Eric and look forward to hearing you and Erwin in Edmonton again next year!

  • Adjoa

    I was able to hear Eric’s message twice and wrote two different poems about them while listening to him speak.

    check out this site to read them 🙂
    God Bless and God speed,


  • chuck "big preacha'"

    So, I bought your book and read it before going to hear you at Eagle Eyre last May. After hearing you I wanted to put your lessons in a sermon. I tried to organize these principles for weeks but was having problems in making them flow like a sermon. Then I opened the mail site that I only use for subscriptions and there was this sermon laid out perfectly. Thanks for the start.

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