Lean into the loneliness (6 degrees from community)


In our Mosaic leaders meeting this week, Erwin challenged us to “lean into the loneliness” to serve those who are hurting, overlooked, and disconnected.

Even though we are all within 6 degrees of separation, so many live isolated and lonely lives. In addition, there are so many great churches out there who are great at taking care of Christians and so few that are seeking to include people who aren’t. We want to be a place where people can belong even if they don’t yet believe.

For notes from our meeting, send me an email at eric@mosaic.org with “Meeting Notes” in the subject.

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  • Mud Puppy

    Once again a big THANK YOU for providing great resources. I absolutely love it when the Body shares ways to help the lost!

  • Cornelius v. Berenberg

    There was a time, we also needed desperately a good friend. In the name of the one, who is our new life, we are an open door to what saved us from our lonelyness. It is our duty to represent what we have found to everyone who is seeking and has not yet found. We have to fight the good fight of faith for the lonely ones and offer them a chance of belonging to us, so that they can find what they need in the kingdom culture we live in. We have to be and to live God`s alternative in this suffering world! We are called to live God`s answer.
    (By the way: I live since 2004 in Uganda, East Africa, because of this.)

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