My Little Olympians

So as a 9 year old and 6 year old, Caleb and Trevi’s Olympics ambitions began yesterday.  Even before staying up as late as they possibly could handle watching the amazing Olympics Opening Ceremonies (10:30pm for Caleb and 9pm for Trevi), the kids jumped off the high dive at swimming lessons for the first time in their lives!  Take a look at these during and after pics!





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  • Lori

    Wow, that is amazing! Tell Caleb and Trevi that Aunt Lori is SO proud! Trevi looks like she is really flying! ( =

  • Dave

    Wow – your kids are getting bigger and bigger!!! Amanda and I pass our greetings on to you and the family!!!

  • Rindy Walton

    Way to go!!

  • Amy Ellison

    Alright! A smile and a thumbs-up! Sure beats tears.

    Thank you for stopping by my wordpress, and for the encouraging words. It was quite a surprise, I must say, to see your name on there – it blessed me.

    Amy Ellison

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