Vintage Faith in Santa Cruz


What a great weekend!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend these past couple of days with such a remarkable community!

Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz serves their city and influences other leaders across the Western World through their intentional, missional, innovative, theologically-sound, and unique approach as expressed through Dan Kimball’s books:


What makes Vintage Faith so special isn’t Dan’s haircut (although it is quite unique: see below) or the books he has written (although they are well written and absolutely worth reading) or Dan’s fantastic blog (check out the “Jesus and the Dinosaurs” pics) or Josh Fox’s music (listen in at his myspace page) or the Abbey coffee shop (my favorite drink is the Brickhouse, a Caramel/Vanilla Latte) or the fact they are reaching out and serving Santa Cruz (a very cool city), but what makes them so great are the people.

Vintage Faith is a community with people like Josh and Danielle Fox (see below), Dan and Becky, Lee, Kristin, Sarah and Mark, Amy, Sara, Bennett, Jenny, and so many others.  We have much to learn from them, and I am grateful for a chance to spend time brainstorming, dreaming, and creating the future with them!

DAN KIMBALL                    JOSH FOX


  • Matt Dabbs


    Thank you for stopping by my blog and offering some curriculum advice. I really do appreciate that. I am really trying to figure out a few things about how Emerging Generations are going to be reached by my denomination. I am a Church of Christ minister. Churches of Christ have traditionally been very resistant to change and in the past were very legalistic. Things have improved but some of that old mindset is still ingrained for some. So it makes for challenges as culture is changing faster than ever yet the church members want to think things are like they always have been. I am really trying to wrap my mind around all this to try to get more Churches of Christ/Church of Christ ministers aware of the cultural changes and how to effectively engage the world in a way that speaks to them. Should be interesting.

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