A Majority of Minorities in the US

From an article called “Minorities in U.S. set to become majority by 2042“:

“Ethnic and racial minorities will comprise a majority of the population of the United States in a little more than a generation, according to new Census Bureau projections, a transformation that is occurring faster than anticipated just a few years ago…. ‘No other country has experienced such rapid racial and ethnic change,’ said Mark Mather, a demographer with the Population Reference Bureau, a research organization in Washington.”

Los Angeles gives us a glimpse of the future since “minorities” have made up the majority of the population since at least 2000.

What should the church do?!?!

Rather than fighting this diverse future, we should be at the forefront of our quickly-changing world to love, serve, and create diverse communities.

For more thoughts, check out “Enjoying Diversity,” “Loving Foreigners is Hard for Former Foreigners,” and “The Minority Majority.”

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  • Gretch-A-Sketch

    Ohhh I am so finally getting a scholarship for being “Caucasian”!!!!

    Wooo hoooooo!!!!! lol

  • Johnny Laird

    Does this mean a re-think about the use of the term “minorities”?

    Peace & blessings


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