Stand Up to Cancer


Did you know that one American dies from cancer every minute?

Did you know that 1/3 of all cancers are related to smoking and another 1/3 are connected to obesity/diet/exercise? Recently I read a horrifying article which predicts if trends continue as they are, all U.S. adults will be overweight in the year 2048.

Without research breakthroughs, cancer will be an even more deadly disease than it already is.

Are you like me? Do you ever wonder what common, everyday item we are using now that will later become banned or avoided because of its harmful affects? So many of our grandparents smoked because everyone smoked without realizing the damage they were doing. Will we be struggling to overcome our addiction to fried foods, preservatives, trans fats, Doritos, or even wireless Internet connections?

Stand Up 2 Cancer is a big fundraiser airing on all of the network television channels on Sept. 5th with the goal of raising funds for cancer research.

One of the celebrities featured during the fundraiser is Christina Applegate, the 36 year old actress who just underwent a double mastectomy to beat breast cancer.

All of us have been affected by cancer in some way. This effort seems to be a great way for us to work together for a cure.

  • Marthie

    Hi I just wanted to say that there are the most wonderful God given natural ways in which one can not only fight AND win the battle against cancer but definitely prevent it. There has been breakthrough discoveries on how our cells communicate and if they are given missing nutrients they do the job of repairing the body. God has created our bodies with a self reparing system and we need people to know. PLEASE if you know of someone who was diagnosed with cancer will you be so kind as to give my e-mail address to them? In the USA you get a lot of resistance against natural therapies from the FDA. Cancer treatment is a multi billion dollar industry. It usually has only a temporary effect because ONLY the body can REALLY heal itself. I live in South Africa and I can give you many testimonies of healings. Marthie

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