I Love Stephen Colbert!


If you aren’t yet a part of the Colbert Nation, you need to be! Colbert does a great job of lampooning our culture from a Bill O’Reilly-esque perspective. In many ways, his book I Am American (And So Can You)
has the exact opposite goal of Peppermint-Filled Pinatas. My book is about embracing the people Christians “love to hate” whereas Colbert’s goal is help us do a better job at moving backwards as a society. 🙂

Some fun quotes from Stephen Colbert:

“Nature is a far bigger threat to us than we are to it. Nature has bears, twisters, lava, and daddy long legs. What do we got? Styrofoam cups? Nothing!”

“No polar bears were hurt in the making of this segment. They were killed instantly.”

“Eliminating poverty? Who’s going to pay for that? Not the poor. They don’t have any cash.”

“Bad leadership is better than no leadership at all.” – Stephen Colbert to Wesley Clark about President Bush

Fun articles:

Stephen Colbert: A New American Hero

Stephen Colbert: Comedy Rambo


Stephen Colbert out of character on Charlie Rose

Stephen out of character at Harvard

Great clips:

Colbert at the Washington Press Corps

Dance Off vs. Korean Popstar Rain

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  • Stuart

    being in the UK this was new – very funny! Also thanks for your talks on mosaic podcast – inspiring refreshing and challenging!! Cheers man!!

  • betsy

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the colbert report. thanks for the links of him outside of character. fun!

  • Ponyboy

    I am obsessed with ‘The Colbert Report’! They just stated airing it a year ago here (I live in Dubai) but I CAN GET ENOUGH OF IT!!! I LOVE STEPHEN COLBERT, TOO!!!!

  • Ponyboy

    *LOL. I meant I CAN’T get enough of it.

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